Aims and Scope of the Kyrenia Folklore Society

The aims and scope of the Kyrenia Folklore Society approved during its Founding Assembly in 1966 and embodied in its Charter are the following:

a) To collect, record, study and publish, where possible, all aspects of folklore and tradition (tales, stories, legends concerning the town of Kyrenia, the villages, locations, ancient monuments and churches of the town in the district of Kyrenia, and any proverbs, poems and songs, where possible, which have not been recorded yet).

b) To research, document and make available to all customs and traditions.

c) To research, promote, support and develop folk art in any form: costumes, furniture, utensils, objects used in daily life and during festive events such as dances etc.

Since 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus and expelled by force all Greek Cypriot inhabitants from the northern part of the island, including Kyrenia, the Society’s primary aim has been the publication of books concerning Kyrenia, which would promote the history, tradition, culture and activities of its people, in order to preserve the historic memory of the occupied town until its liberation and return of its people back to their homes.